Sunday, June 27, 2010

I'm obsessed... i.e. Find me a REAL man STAT!

Okay so all this doctor ordered rest and relaxation has done wild and crazy things to me and, more importantly... and weirdly... my libido.

In my utterly bored pain-killer fueled internet surfing I have found, wait for it ladies...

The gorgeous Mr Wentworth Earl Miller III*. And he's LEGAL!!! In fact, he's older than me, so more the better. I have actually spent countless hours looking at pictures of him. Pathetic huh? I feel like a moronic teenager with a star-filled-eye crush!

The most beautiful man in the world!
A man so perfectly formed, it's as if he were sculpted by the Gods themselves...

And if that's not enough to convince you, how about this one?

However, until such time as I have a real live red-blooded man that I can touch and...sniff and...stuff.... I am declaring to the world at large.

Ms Befuddled... is in luurve!

* See my post about Prison Break. Apparently Went stuck in my head after watching this for some sexy strange reason...


  1. I take it you never watched "Prison Break" then? Cos your kind of a late comer to the Wentworth Miller fan club.... but better late then never!

  2. Hey Amy!

    Actually I did watch it. I came across the full series including the movie a few months ago and watched it from beginning to end within a few days...

    I loved it so much I even blogged about it here, Prison Break... I Broke! And here, Writers Workshop - PIMP My Back!

    Apparently he stuck in my mind, but I didn't have time to really APPRECIATE the beauty that is Wentworth Miller until now when I've been recuperating without much else to do but surf the internet.

    Also have you seen The Human Stain? It has Anthony Hopkins and Nicole Kidman in it. And it has Wentworth... naked... *sigh*

    Yeah I know, I'm in lust. Go figure.


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