Just Me

Yeah, I know, my Blog's title is pretty lame huh? But after ALL the dramas it took to get here, I like it! And it amused me... AND it appealed to my screwed-up OCD sense of order.

I'm a single SAHM with a 15-going-on-45 daughter named Tomika.

I have two cats who are as much a part of the family as my child, a girl named Boofie, and a boy named Milkshake. (And, now I sound like a crazy cat lady. Great!)

I used to have an old 1985 Mazda 323 that made a god-awful sound that I *think* was the muffler about to go on a separate vacation from me and the rest of the car. So I bought a new car. And it happened again. Go figure.

I've just started a Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice through Open Universities Australia and I am loving it! There's something about studying that just agrees with me.

I just bought my first house at the tender young age of 37(!). When I signed the contracts I went home and vomited.

I tend to spew out the first thing that comes to mind without benefit of filtering it first. This lack of forethought gets me into constant hot water and is the reason I cycle through acquaintances on a semi-regular basis. I have no illusions about myself, I am infinitely flawed, however I don't suffer fools gently. I can't help it. Nothing makes me more likely to set my brain on fire than somebody telling me that they love being spontaneous in their lives, they make sure they do it every week.

Oh... And I have Bi-Polar. Hence the Befuddlement.

Yeah I know, TMI right? But I figured if you've made it this far, you're either REALLY bored and can't be bothered clicking off, or a bit of a nutter like me. Either way this could work.

Despite being the best writer in my class pretty much through my entire schooling career, I have somehow resisted going back to it after having become a mum, and going into the 'REAL WORLD'. I guess I always wondered if I still had it, but was a bit frightened to find out unless I failed.

I finally figured out that if I fail, I might as well do it as spectacularly as possible.

This blog started out in an attempt to keep up the appearance of being "normal", but it turned into so much more.

Now, it keeps me sane.


  1. Hi Brea! I couldn't reply to your totally heartfelt email you sent me about your mum and my Aunt Dee. I think you have to go into your profile and click something so people can reply to your comments via email, right now it just reads "no-reply@blogger.com" or something like that!

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart, and my family's hearts. Really.

  2. Hi Pamela,

    Thanks for letting me know. I couldn't work out what to do, so I added a Drop Me A Line! page. Hope this solves the problem!

    Other than that, you're welcome, I know what it felt like to loose someone I dearly loved, and the support of friends (however removed) helps a lot.

  3. Hi Brea - I in fact do like your title...and while I'm not a fan of cats you have a couple of clever names for yours. I may borrow Milkshake for our next dog.


  4. Hi Chris - Thanks for visiting!

    Thanks for the compliment!

    I had some drama's with what I named my first blog, and this one kinda just spewed out... I needed a name, and I needed it fast, I have, however come to like it. If you have looked around at all, you'll probably agree that it suits me perfectly!

    Feel free to use Milkshake, I'll take my royalties in the form of PayPal vouchers thanks...


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