Laugh Out Loud

This page is for things that I find that make me either laugh out loud or say WTF?

Usually a YouTube video or a pic I found on the web... Or some other such sillyness.


8th March 2010

This one was brought to my attention by the lovely lady over at Farmers Wife. Thanks!

14th March 2010

Libra Invisible Ad - Hilarious!

14th March 2010

The Potty Putter... Un-Fricking-Believable!

14th March 2010

Some bits and pieces I found on Facebook that made me giggle. (You may need to enlarge them to read properly, just click on the pic to enlarge.)



How does this one apply to the Information Privacy Act???

And these were some pics I found while randomly surfing the web that just made me laugh!

Go the KUNG FU PANDA! Smarter than the average bear! (Or is that Yogi?)

Hmmm... No comment!

Now this is taking the Swine Flu Epidemic to new proportions!

Would your Boss accept this excuse? Considering mine is my daughter, I guess... Yes, she would!

26th March 2010

This one was brought to my attention by parentingBYdummies via today's post RanDumb: ROFL! I just HAD to add it, I literally fell of my chair laughing.

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