Monday, May 3, 2010

Okay so y'all don't love me. Except for y'all who do. Now even I'M confused...

So my 100-Followers-by-my-Birthday-Goal was a ripping success. I made it to 100 with plenty of time to spare, and now I'm... Hmmm, yes? Huh? I beg your pardon? I, uh, didn't make it you say? But I... Oh... I seem to have failed miserably. Right then.

Now IF I was the type of person to wallow in disappointment, (who me? Pfft.) I would be a blubbering mess right about now. Sobbing and snotting into my pillow, cuddling the cat to within an inch of it's life, wailing "Why OH Why don't they love me?" Luckily for you, and the cat, I'm not. (HA! I may have gotten slightly depressed, and there may have been some snot involved... I'm just sayin'.)

I have decided, instead, to cheat. Now I can hear you all now. Brea? No... She wouldn't cheat. Not Mz Befuddled herself. She has too much integrity! Now firstly let me say, Thanks for sticking up for me. And secondly, You are delusional. Don't you know me at all? Of course I'm going to cheat! I was ALWAYS going to cheat if I didn't make it. It just took me a bit to figure out how... Quiet now, hear me out! This way, I get my 100 Followers, and don't die in a crushing wave of defeat... And you get prezzies.

So we all win really.

I have managed to scrabble together 77 Followers on my blog page via Google Friend Connect. 77 Amazing and Wonderful people who don't mind if I call them names, and tell them I don't love them on a semi-regular basis. (When they know I totally do.) HOWEVER. I have also managed to attain 30 magnificent Followers via Facebook NetworkedBlogs, (buggered if I know how!?) and I am ABSOLUTELY counting them too.

SOOO... 77 + 30 = 107. FIGJAM baby!!!

I am still deciding on the prize to be given away, it will probably be either a CD of myself singing songs with the word 'Toilet' in the title, or an 64 page album containing photos of my cats. It's a big decision so I'm not going to rush it.

Stay tuned for the big reveal!


  1. are so funny! A CD of you singing songs with "toilet" in them would be would a picture album of your funny, congrats on all your followers...and figjam is an awesome word, I may have to use it sometime!

  2. It totally counts! Happy Birthday.

  3. i'll take the cd - cats are evil...

  4. HAHAHAHAHA! Oh, I love your prizes :-D And what do you mean, of course that counts!!! :-D

  5. Hehe - I think your logic is perfectly fine! Congratulations on so many followers!


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