Monday, April 12, 2010

Let's Play a Game... 'One Word' Tag!

The gorgeous Eileen from Giving Her All She's Got has tagged me to play this little game which I think is a terrific way to help overcome the writers block that I am currently afflicted with.

Eileen is a self confessed nerd, and like me, she is CRAZY for a great Fantasy novel. And although I didn't win her book give-away (and I even tried to bribe her with postage) (Yeah, I know. Seriously! Doesn't a little schmoozing count for anything these days?!?!?), I still LOVE her to bits. Especially when she starts talking big words to me. My inner-critic claps with delight...

The game is easy in theory. Choose one word answers to a group of questions.

Now lets see if my big mouth will let me stop at just one... (Hmm... If I smoosh it into all one word it counts right? Right???)

Hair –
(Bugger. I already stuffed it up. FAIL!)

Your Mother –

Your Father –

Favourite Food –

Dream Last Night –

Favourite Drink –

What room are you in? –

Hobby –

Fear –

Where were you last night? –

Something that you aren’t –

Muffins –

Wish List Item –

Where you grew up –

What you are wearing –

Your Pet –

Friends –

Something you’re not wearing –

Favourite Store –

Favourite Colour –

Last time you laughed –

Your Best Friend –

Best Place you go over and over –

Person who you email regularly –

Favourite Place to Eat –

Hey, that was fun!

Now I invite these Lovely Ladies to join in…
(All you have to do is post it on your blog!)

Amethyst Moon from Life Music And Laughter
The Farm Chicky over at Farmers Wife

All five of these women are amongst many beautiful bloggy friends that include Christie from Mommy Drinks Because you Cry, and Eileen at Giving Her All She's Got (whom I can't tag because someone else got there first!), and Mama Kat from Mama's Losin' It!, that have been wonderful and supportive from the very first word I wrote here in the blogosphere. Mama Kat helped me out loads when she did a whole prompt in her weekly Writers Workshop around a problem I encountered when I was making my first baby steps.

I shamelessly blog stalk them all, and I am constantly up until the wee hours of the AM reading the latest things that have come tumbling from each of their talented and oh-so-remarkable brains.

There are others that I love to read too, and who have helped me through some tough times, so if I haven't mentioned you, please don't think I don't love you any more! I promise I do, there are just too many for me to list you all, but I am sending out big hugs, and many sloppy smooches to you, and you, and yes... Even YOU!


  1. Well, this sounds like fun. So... dumb question... I do it on MY blog, right? Not as a comment on yours? Sorry, it's 6am and I haven't had coffee yet :-)

  2. Hey Shari,

    Not silly at all sweetheart. In hindsight, I didn't really explain it all that well did I?

    And you're a better woman than I, I can't even FUNCTION without my morning infusion of caffeine!

    Yes Babe, you do a post on your blog. It's a good one for those days when you can't think of anything to write.

    You don't have to be as wordy as me though, I kinda can't help myself! Once the verbal-vomit starts flowing, I just hold back my hair, and go with it...

  3. Ha! Oh Brea, you are awesome :-D Sorry the postage bribe didn't work, I was pulling for you but my hubby aka random number generator had other ideas! It's OK, though, you're still reading Kushiel, right? That'll be awesome!

    I'm between fantasy books...finished Twilight..getting some "studying" out of the way now..because I need to buy the series you recommended! :-D

    PS I've only heard from one of the three winners, so maybe you'll win on a re-draw! :P

  4. A few more things.

    1) I NEVER would have guessed your favorite color, based on your blog. *wink*

    2) Does it count as stalking if we're both stalking each other? A philosophical question to ponder...

  5. Hi Brea!! Nice to meet you officially. :)

    I've been kinda blog stalking you through Eileen for a bit now so it was wonderful to hear from you.

    I love your cheaty answers by the way. I was debating about doing the same thing and giving answerslikethisallthetime because I can't stop talking but it probably would have resulted in long paragraphs of unreadableness.

    Thanks for suggesting some names for me. :giggle: Einstein. I like it. I'm still debating but all the suggestions really helped.


  6. Oh my gosh that would be so hard!! I loved your answer for fear! hehehe.

  7. Hey guys!

    Erica - Hi, thanks for the admission, I'll take all the stalkers I can get! I HAD to cheat, I always do. I just wouldn't be me if I didn't!

    Eileen - Mutual stalking is DEFINITELY okay, as long as we both get something out of it... So I guess I better get my ass in gear and hold up my end of the bargain huh? Oh, and I WAS going to put down lime green as my favourite colour, but I kinda knew that no one would believe me.

    Also, I went to bed Thursday night and prayed...

    "Dear God,
    I know we don't talk that often, what with you not having a mobile phone and all, and I'm sorry for that, but if you could guide Eileen's random-number-generator tomorrow I'd be mightily grateful.
    Oh, and if you could see your way to bringing Edward Cullen to life and make him fall in love with a 35 year-old, *slightly* overweight woman with great knees... That'd be fine too.
    Brea x x x
    P.S. I'm sure we can come to some arrangement as recompense for your divine intervention... *wink*"

    However, apparently I'm NOT GOOD ENOUGH for the big man in the sky. Possibly because I live in a house, not a barn...

    (Okay, so now that I've offended ALL the religious people who read my blog, I'd better go before I get stoned! (The rocky type, not the druggy type! Although one might help me not worry about the other so much. Hmm...))

  8. Lourie - Thanks Honey! I would say I loved it too, only it is my fear and all... :)

  9. Oh!

    Elieen - Yes I am reading Kushiel as soon as I finish up the Sookie Stackhouse books. Soo I'd say I'll start them on the weekend. I can't wait to discuss them with you! Usually I don't have anyone to talk to about books I like, because no one I know likes Fantasy books. Well Tomika does, but it's a bit hard with her as she perceives them on a different level to me.

    Can't wait!

  10. Hair: Dark
    Your Mother: Feisty
    Your Father: Wise
    Favourite Food: Japanese (me too!)
    Dream Last Night: Crazy
    Favourite Drink: Coke
    What room are you in?: Livingroom
    Hobby: Photography
    Fear: Death of my children (more than one word...sorry)
    Where were you last night?: Home
    Something that you aren’t: Doormat
    Muffins: Yummy!
    Wish List Item: iPad
    Where you grew up: Hawaii
    What you are wearing: Pajamas
    Your Pet: Died
    Friends: Awesome
    Something you’re not wearing: Hat
    Favourite Store: Sephora
    Favourite Colour: PINK!!!
    Last time you laughed: Earlier
    Your Best Friend: Lana
    Best Place you go over and over: Target
    Person who you email regularly: Lana
    Favourite Place to Eat: Assagio's

    This was fun! Now let's go get some Japanese food together. :)

    Kristi, Live and Love...Out Loud

  11. Thanks for the tag! I finally got around to doing it!


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