Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The return of Wile E Cockroachy.


The unwelcome visitor I had the weekend before last, who came and introduced himself while I was innocently reading myself to sleep; then showed up again the following day trying to join me on the computer?

Well he's back. Or should I say, he WAS back.

I found him doing laps in the toilet this morning. Now I was certainly impressed with his technique (I gave him a 7 out of 10, he was listing to the left a little...), however it did not stop me sending him on the ride of his life down the S bend. TAKE THAT, supposedly invincible, nuclear holocaust surviving, icky icky bug! Mmwwaahaahaa!

Now, knowing my luck, he'll survive on whatever it is that the crocodiles are eating - most of my left socks, countless pens, and ALL my hair ties and such - grow to 6 feet tall, and come back when I least expect it to take his revenge on me by executing his plan for WORLD DOMINATION.

So this blog is my insurance policy. If I ever go missing, you all know what happened to me. A gigantic killer roach came and killed me and most likely took my body with him underground for the rest of the mutants to feed on.

Call the Prime Minister. It's a conspiracy.


  1. Well you just can't kill these little buggers......ewwww! Just visiting from mama kats!!

  2. Saw the topic on writer's workshop and came over to check you out. :-) I'm fairly new to blogging too. I use my kid's names and a general location. I have mixed feelings about it. But I do it.
    We don't have roaches but we do have stinkbugs. And I hate them so much. Honestly, I'd rather have roaches. At least they are killed by sprays. Stinkbugs aren't so much...I have to vacuum them up in the vacuum and hope they don't let their stink out in the process.

  3. I just wanted to touch base with you about your question on Kat's blog. I won't be participating tomorrow in her Thursday special assignment, because tomorrow is my 500th post so I want to do something else. However, I wanted to let you know not to let any anonymous commenters derail you. They stay anonymous for a reason. It's because they are losers.

    I say go ahead and post pictures of your kids. Talk about them all you want. The only off limits topic for me on my blog is work/coworkers. I will NEVER discuss my feelings there. However, my family knows that they are very blog-worthy sometimes and I will showcase them whenever they deserve it. Today is my eldest daughter. Last week was a post I got in huge trouble for about my middle daughter's soccer coach. (His wife found my blog. Who knew? lol) I post about all three of my girls, their activities, pictures. My blog readers know a lot about me. I have won contests and handed out my address (to those I think I can trust of course).

    Your blog is what it is and you need to keep it within YOUR comfort zone. No one else's. Don't let some coward who couldn't even identify themself spoil your fun!

  4. Hi Brea : )

    I saw your writing prompt inspiration at Mama Kat's and I came over to say hi : )

    I think your anonymous commenter is odd! Seriously. Has any kid EVER been kidnapped because their mommy blogged? No. Absolutely not. And you know if that did happen the media would be all over it.

    I think Mommy's that name their kid Potatoe head and Cuddly Wuddly Bug are ANNOYING to the max and I don't keep going to visit them unless I really like them : )

    Just have fun fun! And ignore the anonymous people.

  5. Roaches are sooooo icky! Die bugs die! Good for you for flushing him down the toilet. I am visiting from Mama Kat's.

  6. Varunner, Rhonda, and Life with Kaishon -

    Thank you. I appreciate your advice. To be honest I did start to question myself because of this person.

    I appreciate what Mama Kat has done here, I'm sure I am not the first Mum to be faced with this dilemma.

    Varunner, Farmers Wife and Lourie -

    Tell me about it. Roaches are the only bug that truly bother me. There's something about an armour-plated insect that gives me the creeps!


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