Monday, February 15, 2010

Shopping and Brea's house of insects...

I went to the front door last night after House (which, incidentally, was pretty good) to let my cat in, and this greeted me.


And what I want to know is...  WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!!??

This weekend it was Wile E Cockroachy. Now a bloody great big huntsman? My house is being invaded by creepy crawlies! And he didn't take too kindly to being photographed either, he ran away before I could grab him and put him outside. (I LIKE spiders. So sue me. Cockroaches... not so much.) Which I thought was VERY rude. I figure if you're going to stay at my house, you can at the very least pose for a portrait! I mean, it's not like he's going to kick in for food or the Foxtel bill right?

So I've named him too. Henry. 
Henry: If you're reading this, you are welcome to stay for a while, just next time smile and say cheese huh? 
Everyone else: Welcome to Brea's house of insects... Watch your step.

I went shopping today which, to be honest, is not my favourite activity. I know, I know, I'm female right? It's a prerequisite into womanhood. You have to, like, pass a test or something. Anyway a friend and I walked from one end of the shopping centre to the other, twice, and we bought NOTHING!!! What an absolute waste of time. I must be weird or something but I don't see the value in doing that at all... I just can't grasp the point of window shopping. Why spend hours looking at things you; a) Can't afford, b) Can't fit into, or c) Make you feel like shit because you can't afford them, you're a fat heffa and even the bloody DUMMY looks better in it than you...? (Or maybe that's just me...)

Give me ebay any day. Now there's some shopping I can get into! No lines, plenty of choice, won't blow my budget, don't have to spend all day climbing in and out of clothes in those teeny tiny dressing rooms, and I don't have to deal with grumpy saleswomen who get the shits if you DARE to say "I don't like it" (like this one woman today). AND if it doesn't fit, you can just recycle, stick it back on ebay and resell it for the same price you bought it for! What's not to love?

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