Friday, February 19, 2010


I thought I should explain about yesterdays post.

Those of you who know me know that I have chronic back pain caused mainly by having size double G breasts my whole adult life. I also have a hump in my spine from leaning forward to compensate, and indentations in my shoulders from the bra straps supporting their weight.

See below...


Here's a close-up shot.

  (Not the most flattering of shots, but you kinda get the idea...)

After waiting five and a half years, I was finally granted a breast reduction in June last year and I thought my problems were over.

This is me now.


And here.

 (Again, not a great shot... are you seeing a pattern here?)

Anyway, I was wrong.

Whilst the operation was a success (in that they removed 317 grams from my left breast and 305 grams from my right, making me a D cup - they couldn't go any smaller), and the weight is, literally, off, I still have almost constant back pain. APPARENTLY, the damage to my back, neck and shoulders was already done, so I have to live with it.

Which is fine, except occasionally I can't get out of bed, or function properly.

Yesterday was one of those days. Today... I'm *slightly* better.

So although I made the commitment to BEDUTEOF, unfortunately yesterday I just couldn't. I couldn't even get out of bed to take Tomika to school. She, (bless her heart) wanted to go quite badly, so we organised for her Poppy (her Dads Dad) to drive her. So a big THANKS to him for stepping up when I couldn't. Much appreciated.

Now that I've explained, I feel better and I'm going to lie down again.

Hopefully I'll be recovered tomorrow.


  1. Ugh im so sorry Brea that your OP didnt have the effect that you were hoping for :(
    ATM my (.Y.) are size E, I have a sore back from that so can only imagine the pain you are going through.

  2. Hey Jess,

    Thanks darl. I'm sorry to hear you are having a similar problem. I know how you feel!

    I have a few remedies if you ever need one.

  3. I've got the DDD myself. I'm hoping that breastfeeding two children will shrink-em up a little.
    I can't imagine constant pain though. ugggg.
    And I'm sure you had the flat chesties calling you "blessed" all your life!

  4. You got it pegged in one! That has to be the most inane comment I used to receive, usually followed by, "If you give me half, then we'll both be 'normal'." As if I was a freak...


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