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Writers Workshop - I am a child

Mama's Losin' It

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25th February 2010

My second attempt. Let's hope this one is better!

3.) “What images inspire you immediately? Open a magazine and create a piece of writing (poem, story, essay) about the first image that captures your imagination.”

My inspiration came from a story about 15 year old Bridget Ford who has a problem that spoke to me.


I am a child

My body deceives
My appearance doubts
My mind in turmoil

My back aches
My shoulders distort
My pain persists

My peers tease
My elders stare
My inner conflict

My parents defend
My friends covet
My nightmare asks

My dearest wish
My breasts reduced
My worth enlarged

I am a child


  1. Wow.
    The first thing I thought when I looked at the picture was that they were perfect. I suppose in the eyes of a child though that could be stressful! There was a girl in our school who had large breasts. The first thing she did when she was 18 was have a reduction. All of us girls were like, WHAT IS WRONG WITH HER! As I have grown older though I can see that would be stressful!

  2. Aww that made me feel sad, because I have two daughters and I can only imagine what it would be like...just visiting from mama katsx

  3. Wow. What a great poem to go along with a girl's obvious struggle with her body growing up faster than she is.

  4. Wow what a fantastic story, I know there are a lot of girls that would find this to be good advice and something great to read!

  5. I love it!!!! I, finally, received my breast reduction last year, after years of suffering. I was soooo that girl (only not nearly as cute.) I feel for her, and hope that she will get life changing surgery that I was blessed enough to receive.

  6. Thank you all for the kind comments.

    Amethyst Moon - Isn't it great?! I finally got my reduction from a double G to D in June last year also, after putting up with years of pain, mental as well as physical. This girl's plight moved me as I was 11 years old with double D's too, so I know how she feels.

  7. I have a daughter with large breasts, this poem really spoke to me, thank you.

  8. Beautifully captured.

    BTW I am sorry you got hurt by an anonymous commenter. The blog world is generally friendly, but every so often, something bad happens in the comment box and ruins your day. Thank goodness, not too often. I haven't posted photos of my kids on the blog as I don't have a camera currently, I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. When I write about kids & husband, I usually change the names. I blog under a different name too. It helps me to maintain a little privacy.

    I hope you enjoy your time in the blog world.

  9. wow. I think that I would do the same thing if I was her! Glad I could chip in my two cents about your dilemma. Ultimately it's up to the person writing the blog-- no some anonymous coward, who likes to cut people down but won't stand behind their words. I hope you are able to make the right decision for your family!

  10. Stopping by from Mama Kat's…

    Your poem captures the struggles that many girls face when going though puberty. So often we want people to see us as we are, not as we look.

    Thank you for sharing,

  11. I feel for her that she is pained so, but we are made the way we are made and part of growing up and maturing mentally and emotionally is accepting who you are and loving yourself as you are. But its also good to know that the teenage years aren't any easier these days than when I went through them.

    Nice post and tell your cyber-harasser to "stuff it".

  12. Great post - I think I speak for most guys ... we obviously never view the large breast issue from the emotional and physical pain standpoint.

  13. I love it! But...A little pissed that you wrote this about ummm 17 years too late for me to have read. I was that "blessed" girl and ummm I thin we can both agree that it is most definately NOT a blessing. My worst momment was when a girl felt me up in front of the entire gym class and then announced "Nope. They're real" Can you say mortified?
    I almost shit when I saw your name on MommaKat's prompts list. I was all, hey I love her! Congrats! As always Great post.

  14. this image is so compelling -- and your words capture the dilemma perfectly.

    also, i'm so sorry you had an anonymous hater. i've been thinking about privacy issues so was happy to see this prompt.

  15. Thanks for the love Guys. Right backatcha! :)

    Mommydrinksbecauseyoucry - I'm sorry to hear that you had the same 'blessing'. My worst moment was when I was given the nickname 'Titanic Tits'. The bitch that gave it to me thought it was hilarious. It stuck throughout my entire secondary schooling. It was horrible.

  16. Awww poor kid. Mine were never that big, but I did blossom early and nicely. So I can relate a tad. Whenever I nursed I was Dolly Parton sized.

  17. A very poignant and beautiful poem. Growing up with problems like hers are not easy and while everyone else around you thinks otherwise, they are more problematic than anything else.


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