Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Think people, THINK!

I was surfing around the internet today, and I found something that I thought was extremely interesting.

In case you couldn't read it properly, I typed it out exactly as I found it, with only some minor changes to the formatting to make it easier to read. (Click on the picture to make bigger.)

I find this fascinating because it just goes to show, that no matter how many people say it's "Epic", "Mind-blowing" and, "another milestone in the history of the art (of film-making)", James Cameron's AVATAR is essentially just a remake of Disney's Pocahontas, a 1995 classic children's animated movie. Pocahontas, incidentally, was hailed as being one of the hardest films ever produced by the studio. The "complex colour schemes, angular shapes and facial expressions" meant that the film was in production for 5 years.

 Remind you of anything?

And this?

Now don't get me wrong, I've seen AVATAR, and I, like everyone else, was blown away. I loved it. But it does beg the question, is there actually anything out there these days that is an ORIGINAL idea? And I'm not just talking about movies either.

Take television shows for instance; everything doing the rounds at the moment is a tried and trusted formula, remake, or so-called, reality show 'borrowed' from another country. I mean, how many cop/legal/medical/political drama, renovation, cooking, singing, survival of the fittest, make-over, weight loss, dancing, and fat people loosing weight WHILE dancing; shows do we have to put up with before we finally come to our senses and say enough? Have we finally become the drones we always dreaded we would, unable to have a single unique thought?

And what the hell happened to the canned-laughter, live-audience, plain and simple sitcom? They seem to have been banished to midday, late night, or Foxtel! Now I don't know about you, but with the state of the world, (and my life for that matter) at the moment, I could do with a laugh every now and then to lighten the load a bit.

But since, again, they are mostly re-runs, I'm pretty sure I'd rather read a book.


  1. that's good mum i couldn't agree more ily see you at home

  2. that was really interesting. I am going to have to tell my husband about it. I haven't seen Avatar myself yet but I'm sure I'll like it when we do see it. We have been talking ourselves about how there are so few good ideas out there that people are constantly re-making movies.


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