Tuesday, March 23, 2010

An Award, for me? Again? WELL OF COURSE!!!

I've done it again, I came first in a beauty contest and won $10. Oh, wait. That's another game...

My totally self-indulgent butt has been given another Award.


Of course how could I not win? I am TOTALLY the obvious choice. Being as I am the BEST and all!!!

Okay, now I'm going to be serious... (Oh who am I kidding?)

The clever and oh-so-wise Gregory J from Day to Day, and Living My Life, Whatever, has AGAIN nominated me as one of his selections for the Happy 101 Award.

This makes me HAPPY 101 times. Plus 4. (Because I do things in groups of 5.)

There are again rules that I will follow with MUCH happiness.

Here they are:
  1. Thank the person that awarded you in a new post.
  2. Put the award on your sidebar.
  3. Name 10 things that make you happy.
  4. Pass this award to other bloggers who make you happy.

1.     Thank you GregoryJ! I LOVE you, I do. (Hope your wife
        doesn't mind my infatuation!)
2.     Sidebar = Done.
3.     10 things that make me happy... Aanndd... GO!
  • MY daughter Tomika.
  • MY family.
  • MY friends.
  • MY cats.
  • MY blog and all MY bloggy friends that I have made.
  • MY books.
  • MY bed.
  • MY cooking.
  • MY favourite TV shows.
  • ME. (Of course!)
4.     Play 'Hot Potato' and pass it on!

In my position as SUPREME BEING AND RULER OF THE BLOGOSPHERE, I hereby award this commendation to the following people:
  • GregoryJ from Day to Day, and Living My Life, Whatever, is SOOO supportive. He makes me happy in an I've-got-a-secret-crush-on-my-elder kinda way. (AND Yes, I am aware he already received it, but I'm breaking the rules. Because I can. Because I'm ME and I'm MAGNIFICENT.)
  • Giving Her All She's Got always has a NICE comment or two to say. She loves her doggies, like I love my cats. Her posts make me happy in a smiley-fluffy kinda way.
  • Kat from 2010 - Year Of Miracles is refreshingly blunt. She makes me happy in an in-your-face kinda way.
  • Kellyansapansa is a woman on a mission. To get Married! Her blog makes me happy in a totally-overjoyed-for-her kinda way.
  • Jessica over at La Fin Dumond Farm is absolutely hilarious! Her ramblings make me happy in a laugh-uproariously-til-a-little-pee-comes-out kinda way.

So that's it. My Top 5 adored blogs.

If you're not included, I don't love you any more.


  1. thank you, Brea
    you are too funny.
    what my wife doesn't know......

  2. Thank you so much! I appreciate this!! Sorry to those you no longer love :)

  3. You certainly are magnificent! Love it!

  4. Eeee, my first award, I'm so excited! Thank you!

    Will put it up and do everything a bit later, I can only do so much blogging at work..*cough*

  5. I have something for YOU on MY blog today...come get it!

  6. Woohooo! Way to go! Congrats to ya!

  7. It's taken me awhile to get here .. you know, with the ganja smokin', hospital goin', stubborn kid and all.
    But I finally made it!
    WHEW! Where's my margarita?

    Thank you Mz. B! I'm tickled pink knowing I help you amass more laundry.
    (BTW: I use clorox for those little mishaps)
    I'll get to it.
    Eventually. ;)


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