Friday, March 19, 2010

***Drumroll*** - And The Winner Is... ME!

The TOTALLY wonderful and handsome Gregory J from such blogs as Day to Day, and Living My Life, Whatever, has selected little ol' me as the recipient of the Beautiful Blogger Award.

Yup. Me. Who'd a thunk it?

♪♪♪Go me, go me, go go, go me!♪♪♪ *insert silly dance here*

You like me. You really like me! No, really... You like me?

My FIRST award.

(Quiet down there people, you, in the back, shhhhhhh!)


"I'd like to thank the Academy... My Parents... I love you MUM! Tomika... my brothers... my cats... the creepy guy down the street who looks at me through an inch of curtain every time I walk past... my chemist... and who could forget the team in hair and make-up *snif* I'd be NOTHING without you... I love you guys!!!"

"And I'd like to send a special THANK YOU out there to Gregory J, without whom I would not have this here golden statuette 200x200px virtual award. Thanks darl!"

*cue music...*

Okay, so apparently there are some rules and whatnot that I must now follow... Semantics I say! But follow I shall. A good girl I am. (Did I seriously just sound like Yoda?)

Here they are:
  1. Thank the person who gave you this award.
  2. Share 7 things about yourself.
  3. Pass the award along to 15 8 bloggers who you have recently discovered and who you think are fantastic!
  4. Contact the bloggers you've picked and let them know about the award.


1.     Done and I mean DONE!
2.     Seven things huh? Hmm...
    • I am practically a recluse. If I am not with Tomika doing something I spend most of my days inside. Mostly on this damn PC!
    • When I had my Breast Reduction in early June 2009, I had a terrible car accident 10 days afterwards and my stitches burst open leaving me with horrific scars.
    • My biggest weakness is ebay.
    • I read. A lot. Like, A LOT a lot.
    • My favourite guilty TV show is Charmed. I was DEVASTATED when it finished up. (I still watch the DVD's over and over... Shhh.)
    • I am a fantastic cook.
    • I can sing.
    • I used to be a bloody good dancer.
    • I HAVE to do things in groups of 5. (Hence my cheating and BOTH these lists being 10 things long.)
    • I am a *little bit* of an X-Box junkie. 

    3.     Do unto others... With pleasure!
    • Amethyst Moon over at Life, Music and Laughter deserves this. She always has a song in her heart.
    • Mommy Drinks Because You Cry, CONSTANTLY makes me laugh, unless she makes me cry, or feel bad, in a good way. It's ok because I get it. We are two Motherless Daughters, working it out as we go along.
    • Tammy at A Red Neck Diva's Kitchen always has something yummy on the menu.
    • The Farm Chicky in the Boondocks of Farmers Wife is sharp as a tack. Don't let those overalls and the straw in her hair fool you!

    4.     Contact the bloggers I picked... You mean I ACTUALLY have to talk to these suckers? WelI I guess sacrifices MUST be made in the name of art.

    Hey you, yeah you on the list above. Consider yourself STALKED!


    1. Oh I am so happy to receive this award, thank you my friend! And I actually do own overalls that I will now wear with pride while feeding the chooks. Congrats on your first award, you deserve it xxxxx

    2. Thank you honey i am honored. You are a sweet heart

    3. A wonderful post. This is why you were at the top of my list. Such an easy selection for me.

      OH, Brea, I just read your sidebar disclaimer. It's a treasure. I'm still chuckling.
      I'll have to peer into every nook and cranny here now. See what other treasures there may be.

    4. Congrats - You are a beautiful blogger!!

      And thanks for the award <3

    5. I am so honored!!! You are simply the best, befuddled brain or not. Kiss kiss, my friend.

    6. Thank you so much for the blog award! I'm flattered. I'm also still laughing at your last comment on my blog. You're too much! lol
      Have a great weekend.

      Kristi, Live and Love...Out Loud

    7. Hey thanks so much for this award and your kind words about me! I'll do one of these soon

    8. Hi there,
      Sorry I'm late for the party! Congratulations on your first award adn thanks for passing it on to me.

      We're in a bit of chaos here at the moment with trying to find a house before our lease runs out - ahhh stressful times, so relying a lot of scheduled posts, but will reply to this when I get a moment.

      Have a great day,

    9. Thank you so much for the blog award! I feel sooooo loved! I'm so happy you get me because I completely get you!
      Oh, and I promis not to judge you for your Charmed addiction, every morning I watch before my toddler gets up. LOVE IT! LOVE YOU!!!

    10. Hey guys!

      You are ALL so SOO welcome and deserving!

      Thanks for the continued support.

      Mwah x x x

    11. Hey I FINALLY did your award quiz!
      thank you :)
      Hope you are well


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