Saturday, March 20, 2010

I am prejudiced, and so ashamed...

Yeah okay so I did it. I succumbed.

I bought the Sookie Stackhouse, (or as you may know them, TrueBlood) books.

It started quite innocently. I was wandering through Target, browsing the book section (as I am often known to do), TOTALLY immersed in the plethora of literature surrounding me, when I smacked straight into this older lady, nearly tackling her to the ground.

We thrashed around for a bit, gaining our feet back, me apologising profusely, when I realised I had knocked her MANY books straight out of her arms.

I stumbled around uselessly, trying to pick the books up for her so she need not do it, when one of them caught my eye.

It was this one.

The lady kind of looked at me sheepishly and said that it was her new, 'Guilty Pleasure'.

"I'm a strict 'Twilight Saga' girl myself", I told her (ever the loyal fan). "It would feel like cheating on a lover."

Then she (quite brusquely, I must say), asked me the most interesting question.

"Did you read 'Anne Rice'? Watch 'The Lost Boys'? Enjoy 'Charmed' maybe?"

It was like she was in my head!

"YES!", I said. (Kinda loudly I suppose, another shopper startled a bit...)

"Then where's your dilemma?", she asked. "Just because you love one book - or a series of books for that matter - in a certain genre shouldn't prejudice you from appreciating something new. If anything you should embrace the differences, and acknowledge them for what they are. Damn good writing!"

With that she took her books, and walked away.

I bought the whole set.


  1. Hahaha, love it :-) My friend looooves these books and has been trying to get me to read them forever. I am just not into vampires. Read the first one, wasn't hooked. I hear they get steamy later on, which *ahem* would be bad (isn't that what all fans say?)...maybe I SHOULD try them.

    There's not much quite so guilty or delicious as buying an entire series of books at once. :-)

  2. Not my kinds of books. My wife liked Anne Rice.
    Any way, enjoy them.
    My wife also really likes, "Charmed" it's on reruns here, forever it seems.

  3. I love L-O-V-E The Lost Boys!!! Kiefer Sutherland can play a bad ass so well! *sigh*
    ahem. Now, I have never read Anne Rice....hmmmm....

  4. I have read all of the Sookie Stackhouse books at the insistence of my sister-in-law (ok, so she only insisted I read the first one, I continued on with the rest). I didn't like the first three and was about to give up on the series until I read the 4th book. And then I was hooked! From the fourth book on they are so much more interesting (I thought so anyway) and I can't wait for the 10th to come out soon! I really liked the show True Blood as well, but it's waaaay more raunchy than the books and there is a LOT of sex, nudity and swearing in them which is a bit much at times too.

  5. How exciting! I loved that series! I hope you enjoy it!

  6. Hey Guys,

    Thanks for all the comments.

    I am finding I am torn between two lovers here.

    On the one hand, I am loving the characters, on the other, the quality of writing just doesn't seem up to par for me...

    Now BEFORE you all cry 'book snob', hear me out.

    I am EXTREMELY anal about the proper use of the English Language. I figure you need to know ALL it's rules and nuances first, AND THEN if you must massacre it in the name of Modern Art go right ahead. Just as long as you have the basics down first!

    This book is constantly challenging my anal-ness (NOW before you cry fowl, I DO know that's NOT a word).

    I'll keep going, but if I can't get into the rhythm, they're going back!

    Amethyst Moon - Did you miss my last post Honey? I gave you an award! Check it out to receive it.

  7. Amethyst Moon - Sorry Babe, just saw your post!

    Thanks! x x x

  8. I've been resisting the whole vampire thing, but I must admit it's getting harder, especially when I read stuff like this!

  9. My dear friend, I am obsessed with Trueblood and am currently working my way through the book series, reading book 6 atm. I love them, but I know what you mean about the quality of writing....but in this case I love my vampire read a bit trashy....! And I am team Eric all the way.

  10. i think it's anality.

    One author that really pisses me off is Clive Cussler.
    I like the characters mostly and usually the plots, but his dialogue is often immature or not appropriate to the character. It's just annoying. I would like to read his books, but get too disgusted part way into them.


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