Sunday, March 7, 2010

Even Mother Nature has a Mood Disorder!

Okay, so I get that Summer is over, seriously, I really do. But do we have to leave the delicious sunny goodness behind quite so quickly?

I haven't been here for the past day or so for a few good reasons, one of which is... It has been storming like a motherf***er! (Pardon the potty mouth.) I mean, the GOD-DAMNED heavens opened up!

I have been too scared to turn on a bloody light, let alone my trusty PC, just in case I blew a fuse or electrocuted myself. And what would I do without my computer? Honestly, I'd be lost with no music, photos or email. Not to mention Facebook, Twitter, YouTube. More importantly, how would I cope without!

How do you find out what is going on in the world without online social networking?! OH MY GOD... ebay!!! *faint* I'd rather be in prison. (At least they get conjugal visits... Tee hee.) So I decided to make the ultimate sacrifice and stay 'offline' *double faint*. I have satiated my thirst for technology by snapping pics of the storm, and cheating by getting online via my phone spending time with Tomika.

Here is my visual diary of the past 24 hours.

 Water from heaven.

Not so much.
(Yes people, that's hail. I thought the windows were going to cave in.)

Actual, visible raindrops. Will wonders never cease?


 Hmmm... I think I might need a water craft of 
some description here. 
Should I start building an Ark?



(Note to self ~ Find out if insurance covers flooding.)

 You're braver than I my friend!

The bedroom got a new water feature.
(I wonder if I can claim it as holy oil...?)

 Since when are bathrooms not waterproof?!

  Is this what they mean by recycling water?

There's about an inch there. I shit you not.


Two VERY scared puppy dogs.


And one wet pussy.


  1. Oh my about raining cats and dogs..poor little puppies and kitty, sounds like a typhoon or may need to start building an ark I agree!!!

  2. Your puppies are adorable. ADORABLE. So is your kitty.

    Also I totally did a double-take with "summer is over," since here it's juuuuust starting. It's a beautiful, sunny day out!

  3. I guess you are on the other side of the world from me if your summer is ending.
    Our winter is [hopefully] ending.
    Sorry for ally your rain.
    Liked the photos of your pets.

  4. Oh dear poor poor putty tat! And poor pups. Hope your leaks can be repaired soon.

  5. Thanks Guys. It was pretty scary!


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