Thursday, March 25, 2010


Ok so it seems there are SO MANY fun things to to in this little world that I affectionately call the BREAOVERSE, (or for the uninspired, the blogoverse - pfftt!), that I am a little overwhelmed.

How does one keep up with it all? AND be good parents and spouses, and little worker-bees, and PEOPLE at the same time? (That is assuming, you HAVE lives. Unlike me. Who doesn't. Because I'm just kinda boring and... well... blah. Seriously. And I'm not a very good mum either. Well in the kinda way that, King Kong wasn't a very good Monkey. Y'know what I mean... As in I'm too big, over-protective, climb tall buildings with small women in hand, and I make Tomika dance for my amusement and then throw stones at her if she doesn't succeed. Umm... Okay. Now where was I? Right.)

SO. Aside from: Supah Mommy's - Post It Note Tuesday, 5 Minutes for Mum's - Wordless Wednesday, Mama Kat's - Thursday Writers Workshop. And the constant SELFLESS AND GENEROUS Award giving. There is also games which involve kinda chain-like tagging of other bloggers with a challenge.

I happen to have been challenged to play, for the first time mind you, by the wonderful Gregory J from Day to Day, and Living My Life, Whatever (who, if you don't already know, I have a MASSIVE teacher-student kinda crush on. But don't tell his wife ok? It's a secret just between me, him, you guys, and the rest of the World Wide Web).

Today's challenge is this:
  1. Go to your first photo file and pick the 10th photo in it.
  2. Tell the story behind the photo.
  3. Tag 5 other people to do likewise.


So I went to the first photo folder I have of photo's I personally took, which only dates back to 8th March 2008, (because before then, the photo's I have on my PC are from other people... I was too cheap to get a digital camera!), and I came up with this...

Which is TOTALLY stupid right?

So I looked through the folder further, I figured I could cheat, I mean, who would know?

And the best I could find is this...

APPARENTLY, I had NOTHING WHATSOEVER better to do that day than take bloody photo's of my damn CAT under my messy bed! (Note the cow slippers in the background. They even moo. Seriously. Shit-hot huh?)

So I thought to myself, "Self. That can't be right. Surely you MUST have an earlier folder, with some photo's of umm, your DAUGHTER perhaps?"

So I looked further.

SUCCESS! I had wrongly dated a few folders, so I proceeded to correctly name them, and happily started to peruse the contents.

The result?

GOD-DAMN-IT!!! What the hell? (Hey I WARNED YOU I was boring!)

So I have decided, upon much soul-searching, to settle with, not the 10th photo in the first photo folder, but the first photo in the 10th folder. You may NOT agree with my choice, but... Bugger it!

I think this is hilarious!

And the story behind it?

We had just gotten Milkshake on Boxing Day, (long story involving a MEAN-AND-NASTY man who told 10 year-old Tomika that he was going to THROW HIM OUT THE CAR WINDOW, if she didn't take him. Yeah, you heard. Ass-hole much?), this was taken about 2 weeks later. He wasn't settling in well because we already had Boofie, who is VERY territorial. She bullied him mercilessly (she would sneak up behind him, swipe him at EVERY opportunity, and jump out at him from behind things), and I thought it was absolute side-splitting entertainment. (If you don't know already, I am VERY easily distracted.)

This photo is actually a total fluke I took where I lay in wait for Boofie to do her thing. I just couldn't help it! It was so funny. I didn't actually think I was going to be able to capture her in the act, but I just happened to click the shutter at precisely the right moment and WA LA! Instant masterpiece.

HOWEVER, as you can see, I still had nothing better in my diary than to follow my cats around with my newly acquired camera. Pathetic huh?

OKAY! So now to tag some others to play.

I nominate:
  • Marfmom from Musings Of A Marfan Mom, she is a special lady with a lot on her plate. I'm hoping this will lighten her day up!
  • Linds from A Dollop Of My Life, who is a photographer, and also has a GREAT web-page design site called Designs by Linds. I'm looking forward to seeing what she comes up with.
  • Jane Ug-LBC from Adoption of Jane. She claims 'This Blog is not for the Politically Correct. I am an equal opportunity smack talker, I tend to offend Everybody.' I LOVE IT!
  • Anna From Little Reminders Of Love is a MASSIVE cutie. Her blog is so much fun to look at!
  • Jayde from Jayde's Little Corner, is a busy Mum, with a MENAGERIE that makes me feel a little better having my own zoo going on. Let's see if she will slow down long enough to actually DO THIS!

Okay. So I'm done passing it on, and I'm actually tired now. Tomika is at camp for the next few days, so I don't have to be up at 6am to get her ready for school. I might just be able to get some sleep!

Here's hopin' for a miracle. Wish me luck!


    1. that is so good, Brea. you manage it every time.
      I had to sound out Breaoverse carefully before I got it, Duh. But I love it.
      Hope you get some rest.

    2. Okay, Darlin, I may have finally met someone almost as goofy as I am. I used to have an aquarium and I would sneak out of bed in the dead of night to go see what the fish were up to. I tried photographing them during their middle of the night adventures, but the flash and the reflection thing meant it wouldn't work. Okay, I could have turned on the overhead lights, but then they would know I was watching them and change their behavior! Love your post!

    3. Oh this was too funny! I'm working on my pic post...tagged by my sis, Kat, damn her....

    4. My sis has lots of cat photos too. hahha. I don't have cats, so my photos are of the kids. I love the pictures. Your cats are so pretty. house is a flippin disaster, but the kids and hubs are all fed with clean clothes(usually) I read my blogs that I follow through the day. And work on my posts at night. I have been blogging consistently for a year now. My blog has evolved and continues to do so. I think of what I am going to write about a week in advance. I save stuff in the drafts so I won't forget. I love Mama Kat and Wordless Wednesdays. What would I do without them!!? Keep at it. I think it will be interesting to see how your blog grows.

    5. Thanks for the tag...I'll have to see what I can come up with... I have a LOT of picture folders!

      Linda, try shooting at an angle to the tank, this(if done right) will cause the flash to bounce away from the camera and you won't have the bad flash in your image. If you don't get quite the right angle there is still sometimes a little bit of flash, but just keep trying a different angle.

    6. Ok, that cat and the kiddy chair is hilarious!

    7. Hi, Ms. Brea!

      On a personal note, kindly go read my blog about our mutual friend, 'G' -- I'm quite concerned as he has removed all of his blog posts and left me an E-mail this morning.

      Wondering if anyone knows what triggered this and, more importantly, if he's indeed okay.

      Thanks, beautiful lady!
      ~Jo (
      'The End Of The Rainbow: Life After Bankruptcy'

    8. Hi Guys!


      At first I was MORTIFIED that I couldn't find any photo's of my CHILD in the first few folders I had, then after posting I realised... It was school holidays. She was at her Dads.

      Phew! I don't feel so pathetic now!!!

      Jo - I sent you an email Hon.


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