Sunday, March 7, 2010


Home visit for burnt hand by locum doctor, $35. Ambulance trip to hospital, $630. Taxi ride home from the hospital, $16.40. Watching the nurse cut your dead mothers ring off your swollen finger 2 days before her birthday... 


  1. Come on, Brea, don't leave us in mystery.
    What happened?
    Are you okay?

  2. Goodness me why is it so expensive to get an ambulance? Our ambulance trips are free, as long as you pay electricity then it is covered as a free service.

    Makes you wonder how many people put off going to the hospital or putting themselves in danger by driving themselves to the hospital with that hefty bill!!

    Sad to hear about your mother's ring, hopefully a jeweller can help put it back together.

  3. Gregory - I'm ok, thanks! I posted my story today, come have a read.

    Lucy - Ambulance cover isn't automatic here, you have to pay for a yearly subscription or be on Social Security payments. Unfortunately if you work but are a low-income-earner you can't afford one, and don't qualify for the other. It does generally leave you in the impossible position of having to drive when you really shouldn't.

    Hopefully Mum's ring can be put back together, it's my next port of call this week.

  4. All I can think to say is OooooWWWWWeeeeee...I hope you are feeling better after that disaster...I once received a horrible burn like that on my fun at all would be an understatement, glad you are okay!


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